B’nai Mitzvah

Becoming B’nai Mitzvah @TINYC

You can’t be Bar Mitzvah’d and you don’t have a “Bat Mitzvah” even if that’s what we say. It is a person – a particular kind of person – who is in the process of acknowledging that they are becoming link in the chain of Jewish tradition.

At Temple Israel, we believe Lifelong Learning enriches our lives, encourages us to nurture our souls, helps us make mature decisions, sharpens our perspective, immerses us in the wonders of Jewish life, stimulates intellectual curiosity about our tradition and culture, and leads us to participate in tikkun olam, mending the broken pieces of our world. We feel the B’nai Mitzvah is the invitation to, not the culmination of, an incredible journey that has the capacity to transform each and every student that ascends our bima.

Our dynamic education program is especially effective in creating an opportunity for our children and their families to celebrate a B’nai Mitzvah at our synagogue. We strive to provide a positive Jewish experience and a wonderful, individualized family milestone with only ONE B’nai Mitzvah celebration per service. We are also committed to the retention of our children beyond B’nai Mitzvah through our Junior Academy and Academy programs, volunteering opportunities, youth groups, and national and international trips.

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