Temple Israel of the City of New York is a family of families; a warm, welcoming community on New York’s Upper East Side. We would love to speak with you about your interest in membership.

Temple Israel is a place where the nurturing of community, learning and spirituality are embraced and celebrated. We invite you to take a closer look and let the warmth of our congregation be a part of your year-round life. After all, in every generation, the synagogue remains the primary address of the Jewish community. Our members find a second home here to build their family and connect with their community, and we hope you do, too.

Enrollment in our Early Childhood Learning Center, our Religious School, and Sanctuary seating for the High Holy Days are reserved for members of the congregation. In order to make membership accessible for everyone who wish to become a part of our community, Temple Israel offers a variety of membership options.

For more information on membership, contact us at or by phone at 212-249-5000.

Membership Categories + Dues

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2 adults

Starting at $4,000


Starting at $2,000


Starting at $1,250

*34 and younger

Young Single

Starting at $250

*34 and younger

Unreserved Seating in the Sanctuary Balcony includes children

Reserved Seating in the Sanctuary Mezzanine is $4,700 for two adults ($2,350 for one adult) + $250 per child

Reserved Seating on the Main Sanctuary Floor starts at $5,200 for two adults ($2,600 for one adult) + starts at $250 per child

Live far away and interested in becoming a member of the family? We’d love to have you! There’s an ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP (starting at $2,100 for families or $1050 for individuals) reserved for those who live over 150 miles from Temple Israel.


To ensure the safety of members, children and guests an Annual Security Fee of $500 per Household and $250 per Individual will be added.


Membership dues cover only a fraction of our annual operating costs. Therefore, to help support Temple Israel and to recognize that those who came before literally built our synagogue, all new members, except Young Couple/Single or Associate Members, contribute a one-time fee of $2,000 to the Temple Israel Building Maintenance Fund. While we prefer that this fee paid upon submission of your application, we ask that you complete this obligation within two years of joining. Young Couple/Single Members are responsible for a portion of the building fee after the age 32.

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