YETI Board Brit

YEti Board BRit, 2022-2023

I sign this brit (agreement) as a candidate for the YETI Board. By doing so, I acknowledge that I meet the following qualifications of leadership for the organization:

·        I am currently registered for Academy (8th-12th grade program) for the 2022-2023 school year

·        I am enthusiastic about representing this organization

·        I will always conduct myself as a role model, and treat my peers with respect, friendliness, and maturity

·        I will maintain regular contact with the Youth Group Advisor, relevant temple staff and lay leaders, and my fellow board members

·        I have reviewed the separate document listing the specific responsibilities for the position(s) which I am seeking, and I pledge to carry out those duties to the best of my ability


In signing this brit (agreement), I promise to attend, at a minimum, the following programs in the 2022-2023 school year if I am elected or appointed to the Board:

·        8 of 9 Academy Sundays

·        8 of 9 Monthly YETI Board Meetings, held on Sundays preceding Academy nights

·        The trip scheduled for my age cohort – 8th & 9th grade is New Orleans, 10th-12th grade is Prague and/or Washington, DC

·        6 of 8 YETI Events. These are weekend events planned by the Board. Past events have included YETI Arcade, escape rooms, shul-ins, ice skating, etc.

·        At least 3 special temple events: i.e. High Holy Days, Rise Against Hunger, Project Ezra, Purim Carnival, Mitzvah Day, Teen Service & Senior Siyyum, Rockin’ Shabbat, etc.

·        YETI Board Training – currently scheduled for 2-4pm on Sunday, September 18, 2022 (date and time subject to change)


View the current draft of our 2022-2023 calendar to note the dates.


I also understand that by serving on the Board, I am devoting a significant amount of my time to an extra-curricular activity. Academics and my schoolwork should come first, but I understand that my responsibilities as an officer must also be a high priority. I recognize that I will need to plan ahead in order to ensure that I can fully honor the commitments I have made to this organization, as well as any other clubs, teams, and activities of which I am a part. I know that there may be times when I have conflicts and cannot be as involved as I should be, and I also know that there may be other times when I need to take a step back from another organization in order to honor my responsibilities to this group.  If at any point my grades in school, my behavior and/or attendance at events, and/or my commitment to my leadership role become problematic, my ability to sit on the Board may need to be re-assessed.