YETI Board Brit

YEti Board BRit, 2023-2024

Statement of Purpose 

The YETI Board consists of a group of teens who represent the larger teen community at Temple Israel. Board members plan, promote, and execute programming for our 8th-12th Graders. Members of the Executive Board guide members of the General Board in accomplishing their tasks and responsibilities. 

Board Structure 
  • Executive Board – to be elected by voting delegates at Elections 
    • Chair of the Board (filled by Immediate Past President in their senior year) 
    • President (must be a junior) 
    • 4 Executive Vice Presidents (without specific portfolio) 
  • General Board – to be slated by clergy, full-time educators, and Rabbi Pinsky with voting delegates to approve the slate at Elections 
    • Grade Reps for each grade 
    • General Board Member (without specific portfolio) 
Expectations & Responsibilities 

All candidate for the 2023-2024 YETI Executive and General Boards will agree to meet the following qualifications for a leadership role in the organization: 

  • Enrollment in the Academy “All-Access” tier for the 2023-2024 school year. 
  • Maintain enthusiasm for representing the organization. 
  • Act at all times as a role model for the Jewish community. 
  • Act at all times as an ambassador/spokesperson for the teens and youth of Temple Israel. 
  • Maintain regular contact with the Youth Director and other members of the Board. 
  • Maintain regular contact with the general membership of YETI relating to events and other activities. 
  • Fulfill other reasonable duties that may arise after discussion with Savannah Hastings, Youth Advisor and/or members of the Executive Board. 
Time Commitment 
  • All YETI Board members are responsible for consistent attendance at the the following events throughout the year. If you are unable to attend due to a legitimate conflict, you must notify the Rabbi Pinsky in advance:
    • 7 of 8 Academy Sundays. Oct 15, Nov 12, Dec 10, Jan 21, Feb 4, Mar 3, Apr 14, May 19.
    • 8 of 9 Monthly YETI Board Meetings – to be held both in-person and virtually. 
    • To the best of your ability, 6 of 7 YETI Events. (These are weekend events planned by the Board; past events have included escape rooms, Shabbat dinners, movie nights, etc.). Oct 27, Nov 19, Dec 1, Jan 12, Mar 10, Apr 12, May 3. 
    • At least 3 special temple events: High Holy Day services, Rise Against Hunger, Project Ezra, Purim Carnival, Mitzvah Day, Senior Siyyum, Rockin’ Shabbat, etc. 
    • YETI Board Training 
    • ***Board members are also strongly encouraged to join our grade-level Academy trip(s):***  
      • 8th-9th Grade: Civil Rights Trip or New Orleans  
      • 10th-12th Grade: Prague, Berlin, Israel and/or Washington, DC 
Board Members Oath 

All board members must agree to the following oath when submitting their application: 

  • I understand that by serving on the Board, I am devoting a significant amount of my time to an extra-curricular activity. Academics and my schoolwork should come first, but I understand that my responsibilities as an officer must also be a high priority. I recognize that I will need to plan ahead in order to ensure that I can fully honor the commitments I have made to this organization, as well as any other clubs, teams, and activities of which I am a part. I know that there may be times when I have conflicts and cannot be as involved as I should be, and I also know that there may be other times when I need to take a step back from another organization in order to honor my responsibilities to this group.  If at any point my grades in school, my behavior and/or attendance at events, and/or my commitment to my leadership role become problematic, my ability to sit on the Board may need to be re-assessed. 

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