PreSCHOOL to 5th Grade Families

The Creation Expedition

It’s customary to read the Creation story on Rosh Hashanah, so join us for this physically-distanced but socially-connected experience as we interact with God’s creations for each day of the story. Gather your family for a walk through nature with guided narration and activities from members of the TI Lifelong Learning team.

We encourage you to meet up with another TI family to embark on this social distance journey together.

While much of this journey will guide you through Central Park, your Creation Expedition can be adapted to wherever you and your family currently are!

Expedition Packing List:
Rock and paint pen from your High Holy Day Box for the Kindness Rocks
Water bottle for the Hydration Game (and to stay hydrated in general!)
Cheerios, bread, and/or lettuce to feed the birds and/or turtles
Plus, you may want to bring some headphones or a small speaker, and don’t forget your masks!

We want to follow along with your Creation Expedition! Tag us on Instagram at @tinyeclc @education_tinyc and #creationexpedition 

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