Camp in a Box

Camp in a Box is an exciting opportunity to bring fun + learning right into your home! Each themed box comes with 8 activities – and all of the materials and instructions you’ll need to keep your child engaged, happy and creative!! Try one or all!

Boxes are geared for ages 2-6 years old (unless otherwise indicated) and contain materials for 1 child to complete each project.


Starter Box $75

The starter box is filled with the “core” materials that you will need over and over again.  These are items you may have in your home, so will NOT be included in the theme boxes (we’ve indicated under each box what you’ll need) – OR you can just buy the box and have everything you need at your fingertips!  All other materials will be included in each box.


All theme boxes are $50 each

Buzz Buzz

Come explore bugs, butterflies and birds with us.  We’ll do some science, some art and learn a few things from nature!
from starter box:  scissors, paint brushes, glue, markers. pipettes (eye dropper), measuring cups and spoons, mixing bowl, food coloring, activity tray

Circles of FUN!

Round and round we go!  We’re exploring circles in this box with crafts, play dough and more!

​from starter box:  measuring spoons + cups, masking tape, activity tray, mixing bowl, food coloring, pencils, watercolors, paint brushes, pipettes (eye dropper)


It’s a DINOSAUR, knocking at the door!

Listen to me ROAR!  We’re exploring dinosaurs, fossils and fun!  This box includes some crafts, some games and a little sensory play.

from starter box:  activity tray, food coloring, pipettes (eye dropper), mixing bowl, paint brush, measuring cups, glue, tape, scissors, crayons and markers.
NOT included:  butter, vanilla extract, 1 egg + plastic wrap

Back to Nature

Planting, building, painting – oh my!  Come connect to the natural world with us!

​from starter box: markers, crayons, paint brushes, scissors, masking tape, pencils, activity tray


Sensory Exploration

We’re going to explore soft, hard, wet, and smooshy!  Children learn so much through feeling things with their hands and we are going to spend the week getting our hands dirty!

from starter box:  food coloring, mixing bowl, measuring cups and spoons, masking tape, paint brushes


Shabbat in a Box

We miss doing Shabbat together – so this box will help you recreate Shabbat at home.  With your child-made complete Shabbat set, this is an activity + a memory maker!

from starter box:  mixing bowl, measuring cups + spoons, scissors, glue, paint brushes
NOT included:  4 eggs, non-stick spray



Science, Technology, Art and Mathematics… well, we’ve had enough technology so let’s focus on the other 3!  Come explore rockets, chemistry and more!  Make your hypothesis and test your theories.

from starter box:  pipettes (eye dropper), food coloring, activity tray, scissors, mixing bowl + spoon, measuring cups, glue


Things that Fly!

How many things can YOU think of that fly… we’re looking at rockets, airplanes, hot air balloons and helicopters – just to name a few!
from starter box:  glue, scissors, markers, crayons, paint brushes, activity tray, tape, pencils, mixing bowl, measuring cups

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