Youth Groups



Temple Israel has an active and vibrant Youth Department staffed by our Director of Curriculum & Informal Education K-12, Danielle Segal and a part-time Youth Advisor. As well as regular Youth Group meetings, we also offer a range of special events during the year which focus on Jewish culture, informal education and social interaction and social action. We also offer trips both national AND international throughout out the year for Grades 7-12 in conjunction with our program The Academy. These are opportunities truly not to be missed! Nearly all our events include a volunteering or social action element so you can claim community service hours simply for coming to a youth group!

ManhaTI (Grade 9-12 Youth Group)

ManhaTI is our grades 9-12 Youth Group which meets several times a year for a range of activities from working with Habitat For Humanity, to our Iron Chef Night. Each of our events has a volunteering or social action component so you can gain community service hours from all our events! You will get “Chai Hours” for every youth group you attend. These “Chai Hours” will count towards your international trip to Israel in grades 10-12. The friends you make at Youth Group can be friends for life and the social space we can offer is a refreshing change of pace from school. We also offer special events throughout the year including trips to Atlanta, Italy and Israel! (2014-2015). Students are encouraged to participate in multiple NFTY’s New York region events during the year. In ManhaTI you will have the chance to be involved, enjoy yourself and be your own person. ManhaTI is a self-governed board, made up of elected student board members.

ESTI (Grade 7-8 Youth Group)

Our unusually-named Youth Group (Eights and Sevens Temple Israel) is especially for Grades 7 and 8. Our Youth group meetings are fun, informal and focus on offering a Jewish social experience. Special events occur throughout the year and fit into the teenager’s formal education track within the Junior Academy – both are equally valuable! We hope that ESTI will lead to future leadership roles in our senior youth group, ManhaTI!

The 56ers (Grade 5-6 Youth Group)

Our Youth Group for Grades 5 and 6 has a friendly, unintimidating atmosphere and is a perfect introduction into Jewish youth groups. We generally meet once a month on weekends or after Religious school on Wednesdays. We also have a Sleep-out event where we have a fantastic night of activities, as well as sleeping over in the Temple!

TIY Drop-in (Religious School age)

Hang out before Religious School: come to the TIY Drop-in in the Youth Lounge! (Room 63). Nintendo Wii, board games and time with friends, all fully supervised. Quiet homework rooms available during this time on the 5th floor. Our Drop-in will be available on all days that Religious School meets, Monday – Wednesday, 3:15pm-4:15pm for all ages.

Check back soon for brand new Youth Group initiatives.