Temple Tots



Temple Tots offers an hour of stimulating fun for both you and your little one. With the teachers guidance you will have an opportunity to see how your child grows in an organized learning environment. The classroom will be structured to include an introduction to group activities as well as time for individual exploration and play. Patti Sayre, a licensed social worker, will be available once a month for parent support.

Each class will offer circle time with songs and physical movement. Your child will have a gentle introduction to what it means to become part of a group. This is an important concept to introduce as they prepare for nursery school and separation.

Sensory exploration will include sand and water tables, lots of messy paints, play dough and floam (if you haven’t tried it you’ll learn to love the magic and the easy clean up).

Story time, blocks and snack time will also become part of our daily routine together. You’ll be amazed as the children start to discard their own trash with a growing sense of pride at their independence.

Throughout the year we’ll also have time for gym and some early game play.

We’ll make friends, celebrate Shabbat, form community and grow together. It’s a wonderful time to be a part of the introduction to your child’s first “classroom/teacher” experience.

Pricing (2014-2015 school year):
Temple Members: $2,250
Non-members: $2,550

Please note that spaces are limited. Spaces will be filled on a first come/first serve basis. Register now for Temple Tots 2014-2015.

For more information, please contact Lisa Samick, Director of Early Childhood & Family Engagement, at 212-249-5001.