Rockin’ Shabbat



Come and experience Shabbat in a whole new way. For grades 2-6 and their families, Our Rockin’ Shabbat services will have you out of your seats celebrating Shabbat. Led by our “Rock Star In Residence” Sheldon Low and our Director of Lifelong Learning, Rabbi Melissa Buyer-Witman, our visual, experiential and musical service creates a perfect atmosphere for families to worship together. Songs, animated stories, visual prayer and community!

Once a month from 6:00-7:00pm. Either in the ballroom (as a parallel to the service in the Sanctuary) or in our main Sanctuary. See below for dates, details and special themed Shabbatot.

Upcoming Rockin’ Services

December 15
January 19
February 2
March 9
April 20
May 11