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grapevineGrapeVine is a website, weekly e-mail, and/or mobile application that matches your interests to Jewish events going on in your city. It’s a great way to find about what’s happening in your Jewish community!

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onetableOneTable is an excellent resource to help you find a place to celebrate Shabbat and meet new people in their 20s and 30s!

Birthright NEXT
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birthrightnextWhether it’s days, months, or even years since you’ve returned from your Birthright Israel trip, you’re part of a massive alumni community that’s over 300,000 strong and still growing. With NEXT, you can connect to amazing people like the ones you met on your trip, learn about events and opportunities for alumni in your city, or explore some of the things you experienced in Israel. Get started by inviting your friends over for Shabbat and checking out our programs.

Jewish Bereavement Group: 20s & 30s
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jbfcsWe offer bereavement support groups that are individualized for specific types of loss, and for various Jewish cultural, spiritual, and religious needs. Our groups include participants with similar losses such as individuals who have lost spouses, parents, children, and other loved ones. We attempt to group participants of similar age.

Our eight-week groups are co-lead by a Social Worker and a Rabbi, and are offered throughout the year. Currently, many of our groups are offered in partnership with the JCC of Manhattan and within individual synagogue congregations. Pre-registration is required and fees apply.