HQ – Communications: Lifecycle Notification Protocol



Lifecycle Notification Protocol

All lifecycle information and notifications are to be funneled and processed through Rabbi Gelfand’s office via his Executive Assistant.

TO RS, ECLC & TI Staff – as you hear of events in people’s lives, email the Rabbi’s Executive Assistant and please include ALL current information, spouse’s names where relevant, including if there are children in the schools & their ages and that of siblings, date of birth or event. If there is a death, please notify Rabbi’s Executive Assistant ASAP. It is also important that we acknowledge staff in their time of need. Report all staff-related issues/needs as above.

1. Email notification to be sent to entire congregation for a member or a member’s direct relative – spouse/partner, child, parent & sibling.
2. ALL other losses to be sent to Staff & Board and to be noted that it’s to them only. (We have received requests for non-member grandparent deaths to be sent to the congregation and we accommodated). The congregation wide email is done as the notification is time bound due to shivah and to encourage people to reach out to others.
3. TI members ONLY (current) will have a TI obituary in the NY Times via the Sr. Rabbi’s Executive Assistant. This must be done in a timely fashion so that people can go to the funeral.
4. If a death takes place during a weekend/holiday, the Rabbi’s Executive Assistant and the Director of Membership Engagement should be contacted by text message or called (do not send email as they may not be checked). If you receive a call on the Emergency Phone (generally held by the Director of Membership Engagement) during weekends or holidays, please gather all the necessary information. Once collected, call Rabbi Gelfand and notify him. If you cannot reach Rabbi Gelfand on the phone, email him all the information, and contact another clergy member as follows: Cantor Altshul, Rabbi Buyer, Rabbi Stoloff.
5. These and other losses will ALL be listed as losses in The Chronicle and weekly email. All are to be put on the Kaddish list unless a request not to do so has been made by a family member. The names are
normally recited on the Kaddish list for four weeks, beginning after the funeral. The Administrative Assistant will double check all names are included on Kaddish List (unless requested not to be).

All Other Lifecycle Events
1. Baby naming, brit, wedding will be listed in weekly email at the bottom AND also in The Chronicle. All these should also be sent promptly via Rabbi’s Executive Assistant to Board members and to Senior Staff to keep them current of lifecycle milestones of members and for clergy outreach.

Illnesses – Healing List
1. TI Healing List via Rabbi’s Executive Assistant. When we get a name we need to know who has called or sent it in and the illness. Unless we are told that someone is terminally ill, the Executive Assistant will
check with them every 6-8 weeks to make sure the name should still be listed. Sometimes people will only want it on for one week which is also fine, but must be notated. Use the same system used for recent deaths (1, 2, 3, and 4). The Mi Sheberach is then recited as part of the Shabbat Morning or Holiday Morning Service. It is usually done while the Torah is out from the ark and after it has been read.

To place an obituary in the NY Times
E-mail New York Times nytimes@classifiedsplus.net w/ Obituary in the subject line. Example of ad:
Last, First, – The Officers and Clergy of Temple Israel of the City of New York mourn the passing of long-time member First Last. We extend our heartfelt sympathy to his bereaved family.
Andrew Hoffman, President
David J. Gelfand, Rabbi

Include your contact information (name and phone number) in the e-mail. You must contact the NYT by phone for payment (American Express). A NYT representative will contact you by email to confirm the paid notice.

Announcements of deaths may be telephoned for inclusion in the following print editions: until 5:00 p.m. the day before for Tuesday through Saturday editions, until 5 p.m. Friday for Sunday’s Nationwide edition, until 12:45 p.m. Saturday for Sunday’s New York Region edition, and until 2 p.m. Sunday for Monday’s edition New York Times Classifieds (obits are considered classified ads) phone number is 866-602-6990