From Cantors With Love



Temple Israel favorite duets by our Cantors, Altshul & Abelson
With guest appearances by Sheldon Low & Hadar Orshalimy

1. Ahavat Olam (from liturgy)
Craig Taubman and David Kates
arr. Alan Weiner

 2. Shalom Rav (from liturgy)
Ben Steinberg

3. Oseh Shalom (from liturgy)
Jeffrey Klepper

4. Mi Chamocha (from liturgy)
Sol Zim

5. Esa Einai (from psalm 121)
Ben Steinberg
arr. Cantor Robert Abelson

6. Lecha Dodi (from liturgy)
Stephen Richards

7. R’tzei (from liturgy)
Stephen Richards

8. Haskiveinu (from liturgy)
Craig Taubman with Sheldon Low & Hadar Orshalimy