About Us



Temple Israel is a Reform Jewish Synagogue that welcomes all who choose to worship, study and celebrate within the Jewish community.

Our Mission

  • Affirming the continuity of Jewish history through positive expressions of Jewish identity and ensuring the cultural, intellectual and spiritual future of the Jewish people;
  • Building and maintaining a diverse and inclusive congregation united by its commitment to humanitarian values as expressed in our Jewish religious, educational and social activities;
  • Respecting the individual’s struggles with and conceptualizations of a monotheistic God, while honoring, in our services, rituals, and educational activities, the full spectrum of Jewish traditions and teachings;
  • Creating, in ideal and practice, a form of Judaism that enriches the lives of our congregants and which responds to the demands of modern life, enabling the congregants to contribute to the secular culture and leading the greater Reform Jewish community to support and promote an evolving, living Judaism.